image of Jesus

2000 years ago

What would we think of a man having the power to change water into the finest wine ever and being able to heal all kinds of diseases ; as well as physical than mental disorders simply by a touch or a word ? red star violet star Would it not be formidable that man having the power to bring a man who was dead to life ? And by only commanding to element like wind to obey and calm down ? purple star Or by his Word , only , provocating the dryness and death of a tree , knowing everything in men's hearts and capable to read their minds ? green star orange star And that man able to multiply from a very small quantity of food , doing so , thousands of people being fed ? sand star

Once , that man asks to one of his friends to cast his line knowing in advance that in the mouth of the fish he was to catch , there would have a piece of money ? aqua star Would it not be amazing and fearful to see the same man walking on water with self-confidence ? aqua star What would we think of that man he knew in advance when , why and how he was to die and die for ? purple star Once , the face of that " man " shone like the Sun and his clothes became white like light ? yellow star What would we think of that man ; if anybody touched the edge of his cloak would be completely healed ?  red star