The Human Soul

( new life )

Is there life after life? Does a part of ourselves survive beyond death? Does the human soul or new self exist ? In Holy Scriptures , there are many passages about it purple star green star orange star purple star red star yellow star orange star In the beginning God was ; He is Source of life for All . God is Spirit , immortal and eternal . Creator of the visible world ( bodies ) and the invisible world ( spiritual ) . He created man to his image . gold star He created the physical body ( visible ) and the spiritual body ( invisible ) . That invisible part of ourselves , created by God , is for a spiritual and immortal existence . He made of it a temple for Him , THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD . yellow star orange star red star In Genesis 2: 7 , it is written that the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life , and the man became a living being . sand star

That breath of life , that principle of life , so , made of that man a living being . That breath of life actuates , moves his body . After a clinical death , a road accident and serious injury , or serious disease , at the paroxysm of the crisis and distress , a few persons would have experienced the decorporation of their earhtly frame . Their spiritual body had special characteristics and particular properties . During their sojourn outside of their body , they also would have encountered a Being of Light , the encounter of a very brilliant light . Such an experience gives a glimpse of unusual perspective or dimension of human life , a different outlook .

Soul : ( Larousse fr. dict. ), “ principle of life and thought of man actuating and moving his body ; this principle created as a spiritual being separable from the physical body , immortal and destined to be judged . ”