A few words :

Since day of first man, Adam , having broken , contravened and disobeyed to the command of God , his descendants , all , have inherited his transgression. Human family bears in their heart traces of sin. Only God may and can change the condition and sinful nature of human heart. Like sand in the gearing of a machine breaking its functioning , the harmony in us and between us ; like links in a chain that SIN , at the day and time of Adam has broken . Sin is the illness of the soul ; like a treasure , a bad treasure , like a law , a bad and an unholy law , it makes us rebels, outlaws and slaves of sin . Since that time , he ( the sin ) has a grip on human beings . Some time in our lives to tell true , we've had a rebellious heart to his Word ; we were indocile refusing to recognize our wrongs before Him.

Never, we can conquer Evil One without Him ; it is an illusion for human beings. Victory belongs to Him . Formerly, the Adversary was Chief of the Archangels in heaven and was standing close to the divine administration , next to Christ , it seemed . The foe, the rebel, the enemy is like a mighty General wily as a fox . Obviously, we do not have the power to save us by ourselves but, God is saving us through His Son from both : the mortal death and the spiritual one . Between darkness and light , our lives go by and whatever we want it or not ... We are , ALL , in the fight betrween the GOOD and EVIL and it has consequences and e t e r n a l implications .

God the Father established His Son Judge of all nations , of all the inhabitants of the earth . Keeping faith, hope and standing firm, God expects from us to have a bit of courage and we're not alone in the battle . Jesus the resuscitated is the Door of a new and true life . Humans should make sure not having regrets and remorses that Day ; there will not have a second Chance for them and will be no more probation for whoever . The conflict between GOOD and EVIL will come to an end . The invisible but True Guide , the Lord of the celestial armies said so : “ Whatever they plot against the Lord , he will bring to an end ; trouble will not come a second time . God will make a new creation. violet star The Holy Scriptures are crystal-clear about it ; humans are saved by grace through faith . red star I hope we'll live altogether life in peace and in perfect harmony .

Bye everybody, bye