Starry book

The Quest for Significance

Where is life coming from ? Why death ? What is the origin of the Good and evil ? What value and meaning to give ? Is there an existence afterlife ? From here , where do we go ? Human beings long for happiness and for a better future . We all hope to enjoy an excellent health , having satisfying family and social life , having a stimulating job , reaching some achievement in the domain we are and living a life full of enriching experiences but they are , all , temporary .

From time immemorial , what Man is feeling apprehensive about , is when his end is near . Humans are not immortal ; they return to dust . Who could bring men to life again ? Who could make such a remarkably exploit for each of us ? The Divine has understanding , he has perfect wisdom . God is showing to all humans his amazing and creative power . Life is no secret for Him . sand star sand star violet star yellow star aqua star Why , as humans , are we not giving us time to think or consider about what is , Immortal and Eternal ?