He who was seated on the throne said : “ I am making everything new ! ” Then he said ,“ Write this down , for these words are trustworthy and true . ”

Book of Revelation   21: 1 - 5

what the Spirit says
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Kings live in castles , in magnificent palaces. Every king owns a kingdom and in his kingdom ,there is, obviously , a vast number of subjects under his government . Without naming anyone , we can imagine the prestige ,the wealth, the luxury , the extravagance , the sumptuosity of their surroundings , the vastness of their domain and their superb gardens ... a king is a king !!  There is an other KING and this KING has a KINGDOM too . What comparison could we do about that other KING who is the KING of the kings , the PRINCE of the princes ? gold star violet star gold star gold star gold star purple star purple star purple star

We have a tiny idea of the greatness and glory of THE SOVEREIGN of THE UNIVERSE ? How vast is his domain ? And his gardens ?... A KING is a KING !! Jesus of Nazareth has not come to Earth from his will , he has been sent by THE FATHER . And he ( Jesus ) is not only the Messenger of GOD ( the Messiah ) , but also the Message itself ( the Word ) . Jesus of Nazareth is the Door of a new life , in a new world . red star red star yellow star violet star violet star yellow star red star green star gold star gold star yellow star orange star violet star And THE HOLY SPIRIT THE TRUE GUIDE is the ONE who is leading to a safe harbor , invisible , but present in the heart of our world .