Gift of life

Time slips away . Something that is priceless , the most valued could escape from human beings ; this is Life . Our life is fragile . We could lose for ourselves the greatest felicity and happiness from Him . There is no elixir of life . Would the gift to be dreaming about be the other life God can give ? green star yellow star Is he not the Source of life ? green star

We have , ALL , received the gift of life . We are making materialistic dreams while life of men is brief . God gave us the * free gift of life ; we owe Him , truly , to exist . So colossal the wealth of a man be , could his wealth immunize him from ill , misfortune , sorrow and death ? Is any man has money enough to buy for him or a loved one life from God ? red star orange star aqua star green star Time is an hourglass . How many years or days still within ?