Jesus of Nazareth

What future will be ? Our lives depend on Him ; everything has been committed to him by His Father . red star red star Every life will be concerned , touched at the time of his Second Coming . violet star Only GOD can change the condition and nature of men , renew their being , put in them a new heart , a new mind , and put the breath of life again in them . The Father offers complete Salvation of Mankind through His unique Son . violet star violet star aqua star aqua star aqua star red star violet star green star violet star purple star red star gold star red star

GOD , the Creator , wants all men to be saved and be happy . He stretchs out his hand and keeps repeating the same word over and over again , with forbearance . He opened through him a new undreamt - of , unknown way to men . It is , also , through Him that , The Plan of GOD , successfully , will be accomplished and achieved . yellow star aqua star gold star violet star orange star aqua star purple star red star sand star gold star gold star yellow star purple star purple star green star aqua star rose star violet star aqua star violet star  God makes everything new by the intermediary of HIS SON .