Jesus of Nazareth

In the history of earth and mankind , an exceptionnal and unique event happened about two thousands years ago . In our temporal world , the One who is Life and Light revealed himself to Mankind . yellow star green star Jesus of Nazareth is more than the profound human being he has been . He expressed the « spiritual » in our material world . He is , on a bodily form , the invisible GOD . red star aqua star red star aqua star He's the only perfect life of a human being . gold star red star He is the Sunshine - Child stronger than everything . yellow star The coming of Jesus of Nazareth among us is a turning point for Mankind .

He is the mystery of God , namely Christ , in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge . aqua star A very great and majestic King sent him to earth for the salvation of our being and soul . étoile aqua étoile violet étoile pourpre God the Father , in raising His Son from death to life has shown and manifested his power , the Power of resurrection , revealing to human beings , by and in his Son , the immortal life . purple star red star yellow star violet star orange star gold star gold star purple star Jesus of Nazareth , by a touch or a simple but powerful word , healed all diseases , whatever they are , physical or mental disorders , he healed them all .