The Faith

I , personally , believe in the existence of a supreme Being , omniscient , omnipresent and omnipotent pervading the Universe . He created the visible and invisible world . Not seeing him does not mean He does not exist ; God is transcending all and everything . He exists beyond His Works . If everything would cease to be ; Himself lives eternally . Having faith matters , and is important to God . Without faith , we cannot please Him . If God was not existing , we all would not exist . green star green star yellow star

He put in the hearts of Men his spirit . And the breath of life that is given to us , is for a limited time . It belongs to Him , forever and ever . He is , too , a Real Possession. Material possessions are for the body , but the possession for the soul of humans is an immaterial , a timeless , a supernatural possession . Humans just do not realize how much important it is to search for the Truth while in the living years . The stakes are high for everyone . If there's an emergency to live, it is vital to search for Him.