gold star

The Artist

( The Universe )

Who has not visited museums in life ? We have seen many admirable works of the artists, like the paintings of the painter or the work of art from the artisan . Contrary to what many believe , we know , very well , that all those works have an author who realized , and created them . It is quite the same for the ONE who created all the wonders and splendors of heavens . The Artist has not , only created everything , but also , he " shaped " the painter that made the painting as well as the artisan that produced the exceptional work of art !

However, one detail is important : ONE cannot be seen but possibly recognized in HIS WORKS . If we may know ,learn, and see the Works ( the Universe ) of The Designer , I say : “ How does that Designer that made them , look like ? ” Personally, I am not a connoisseur of art, an expert in paintings , but as for mostly people , I know a bit to recognize the proper style or touch of some former painters like Picasso, Renoir or Delacroix to name only some of them . green star