letter K

The Creator of Universe

( The Majestic Star )

Some imagine a non directed some kind of natural , whose process , the Universe , a world of a great , immense , infinite complexity , and of incomparable beauty , would have sprung from " nowhere " . How something that was not existing could have exploded ? How the explosion of was not " existing " could perfecly , correctly and orderly organize ? The chemical elements and others , where do they all come from ? Matter and energy ... What provocated their release ? All natural and universal laws , where do they all come from ?

How to understand , explain the " design " of sky , its complexity , its beauty , the galaxies , the solar system , the movement of the planets ? How could we give to random , chance or accident the growth of our eye , heart , brain , intelligence and mind in us ? Our memory, emotions , and our subconsciousness , what's the nature of them ? All those things and others , could they have evolved and developed , little by little , by chance or accident ? In the searching of a theory to explain the origin of the universe, some try to divert from the question about the existence of God , trying to move apart the creation from the Creator .