The Cornerstone

( The Redeemer )

No man on earth could have redeemed us from the wrath of God . All men are guilty. No man stood firmly, if not the most imperfectly way , in the practice of His commandments in his Law . While we're living , we are committing all kinds of injustice . So , one Life has been given to God for our redemption. An innocent man suffered and Him, alone , will be known as the one and only True Just . That life was not " any life " . That life was One , precious , of a unique Son , the Son of God .

This Redeemer is the cornerstone for all men . yellow star yellow star purple star There will be no rest , no peace , no salvation without Him . Everyone should know . Foundations have been laid by God on him . Nobody can lay any other foundation in this world and time to come . That Cornerstone , a few men rejected , God the Father made of him a jewel , a spiritual jewel , the most precious , the finest , priceless , one of incomparable beauty , uncommon rare . Uncommon, because Unique . red star purple star green star grey star violet star No creature in heaven has a splendor , a magnificence , a brightness , such a glory the Son of God has , a glory given to him by God the Father .   gold star violet star violet star